How do I use GOtext with Funnel Buildr?

If you are using Funnel buildr and want to use Tobi messenger opt-in checkbox within your funnel pages, you will have to set up a few custom settings.

1. Go to your GOtext app settings section and at the bottom of the page you will find your custom javascript in "My custom script" section.

Copy the code and put It inside <script> tags. In our case It would be (yours will be different):

<script type="text/javascript" src="me-c220584dc70346652215af303334abf8.js"></script>

2. Go to your Funner buildr app and choose a funnel you want to add messenger javascript to.

In settings menu select "Custom body script" menu element, paste your javascript code and hit "Save changes".

3. Choose a place where you want the opt-in checkbox to be visible (we recommend under "Add to cart" button) and add our custom div there.

<div class="tobi-checkbox"></div>

Hit save and you're all ready to go!

If you need any help with setting up Tobi with Funnel Buildr, you can always message us using our customer chat.

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